Get your consultation with qualified business experts.

WTG Business consulters maintain 8 years of experience in business consulting, and knowledge in the German market. Our business consulting services are modeled to focus on essential business formation issues and sustainable opportunities of our clients in various industries in Germany.

Our consultation process is built through experimental design of the business model, feasibility study, attitude surveys, and market surveys. Where also, the client will be informed about the requirements and determining the type of business practice and its conditions. We assist our clients enhancing their business achievements and expanding their activity.


Our Consulting Services

  • Feasibility Study: To determine the whether the project is likely to succeed.
  • Attitude Surveys: To evaluate consumers attitude towards a certain brand/product/service.
  • Market Surveys: To understand the market mentality and needs.
  • Business Coaching: enhance organization's performance to achieve goals.
  • Business Planning: Outlining goals and objectives to achieve business target.
  • Requirements: Governmental requirements for fulfilling a legalized business.
  • Cost Studies: What are the expected costs of your total project.
  • WTG Business Services: How can our team help to fulfill a successful start-up in Germany.
  • Legal Forms: General Information about legal forms and their requirements.
  • Visa Requirements: Consulting about visa requirements for for foreign investors.