Get your Business Visa to make your way to Germany!

National Visa

Nationals from third countries (non-EU/non-EFTA countries) require a business visa, also known as a visa to start a self-employment in Germany.  The visa allows business founders and gerwerbetreibene a company from third countries in accordance with § 21 paragraph 1 AufenthG the entry to establish a business in Germany.

Also freelancers can apply for the visa according to § 21 Abs. 1 AufenthG to exercise your freelance activity. 


Business visa (Schengen visa)

This visa is a short-stay visa up to 180 days for business purposes, such as attending conferences, trade fairs or meetings. To apply for a business visa, travelers must present documents including a current
passport, proof of financial stability and an invitation letter from the company or
Letter of invitation from the company or organization in
Germany that they will be visiting. It is advisable to contact the
German embassy or consulate in your country about the specific
specific requirements and the application procedure.

Nationals of EU and EFTA countries enjoy unrestricted access to the German labor market and therefore do not require a visa or residence permit to conduct your business in Germany.

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