The optimal services to Launch your Business in Germany

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Do you want to set up a company in Germany? Still not sure how?
You can benefit from the following services.

Conference Rooms

Rent rooms for your activity in Rüsselsheim.

Company Registration

Get your full legal license of your company in Germany.

Administrative and Office Services

Get help with your office tasks for a managed start-up.

Project Management

Get a well-desgned study for your emerging or new projects.

Business Consulting

Our team of experts will help you achieve your goals.

Start-Up Consulting

We help founders on their way to a managed start-up.

Marketing Management

Attract your audience with a strategic marketing plan of your market.

German for Business

Learn German in order to get involved intensively in the market.

Expand your Business to Germany

Business Consulting
Business Start-Up
Company Formation
Marketing Services
Administrative Services